What do the tabs do?

1. Home tab icon: Customized categories for every destination. We work with locals to make sure we don’t skip a beat!
2. Local News icon: Read stories on the latest entertainment news, such as new restaurants or upcoming shows!
3. Favorites icon: Save anything you find interesting. Your favorites are always sorted by what’s near you in real time.
4. Local Events icon: Filter events by today, this week, or this month. We feature concerts, family events and so much more!
5. Swipe icon: Swipe to discover and have fun finding new things to do! Get ready to Find Fun Faster!


How do I change my location?

1. In the blue bar at the top of the app is a Change Location button, simply tap and follow instructions on your device.


How do I search?

1. Tap the ‘Search’ icon in the top right. Search is only available on the Home, Events, and Swipe tabs
2. You can type in a specific place or a category, such as Oceanfront Dining.


How do I find all Events?

1. Tap the Calendar icon on the bottom (second from right)
2. Scroll until you see ‘All Upcoming Events’ and tap it
3. Filter by dates or categories.


How do I make reservations or book through intoGo?

1. On the detail page of any business, place or event is a green Call to Action button. This button can be anything from Reservations to Buy Tickets.
2. Simply tap the Call to Action and follow instructions on your device.
3. You can also see the green Call to Action within the search results. If there is no Call to Action, it becomes a Share button.