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When it comes to finding fun events in Jacksonville, the intoGo Events section couldn’t get any easier.  Simply click on the “Let’s Go” tab at the bottom right on the app and you will see at the top a button that reads “Local Events.”  Click on this button and you will be presented with a range of categories.  Everything from all the events this week or this month, to Top Events, Live Concerts, Festivals, Local Venues and Upcoming Events are but a point and click away.

Top Events

This selection immediately shows you 30-40 of the hottest public events in North Florida that are scheduled in the next few weeks. This includes such things as art shows, car shows, farmer’s markets, plays, concerts and sporting events, just to name a few.

This Week and This Month

If you want to find every event scheduled to occur in the next 7 days or the next month, clicking on either of these selections will sort and display events based on their scheduled dates.

Live Concerts

If you are into the music scene, this selection not only gathers and displays every scheduled music event in the greater Jacksonville area, but it can further refine your search by genre.  Only interested in rock or jazz bands?  By clicking on the buttons at the top of the page, you can choose to see only the music genres you like best. And there are 21 genres from which to choose. Better still, by clicking on any of the listed performances, you can see where and when the concert takes place, as well as being able to buy tickets with just 1 click.

Local Venues

Click on this selection to see all your favorite clubs, music halls, sports stadiums, theaters and other public venues.  From there you can peruse all their upcoming shows, hours of operation and more.

Festivals and Fairs

Looking for a comprehensive list of outdoor fairs, street festivals and farmer’s markets? We created a section that brings them all together.  Not only does this selection provide you with a myriad of outdoor venues from which to choose, but it also includes a complete description of each and every event, including date, location and cost.

All Upcoming Events

This category pulls together every upcoming event in North Florida.  But it also allows you to set a specific date range to further refine your search.  Interested in seeing what there is to do this weekend?  No problem.  Just set the date range to start on Friday and end on Sunday and the app will show you only the events set to occur this weekend.  What could be easier?

Events, Venues and Performances 

Instead of taking the time to comb through local media looking for fun things to do and places to go, intoGo pulls together all the events, venues and performances occurring in North Florida into one easy to use app.  Then it lets you decide what, when and how you want this information displayed.

If you want to learn more about the intoGo Events Platform, make sure you watch the video above.   Happy swiping!


Zachary Schwartz grew up in a heritage of print guide magazines to help people explore communities. While working to create a new magazine in 2013, he decided to take his families company online. This was no small feat and it began over four years ago. Since then he’s undergone four attempts trying to solve the same problem of helping people explore a community online. From website to website to app, Zachary built TheCity.Guide in Jacksonville, FL and won OneSpark in 2015 for Technology. He’s recruited what the Business Journal calls “The Best Tech Team in Jax”! His latest attempt, intoGo, is quickly gaining traction in the market with over 15,000 users in its’ first few months. Zachary is set on making it easier for people to find things to do and he’s making great progress towards that goal! 

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