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Do you ever find yourself looking for ideas to entertain your friends or family? Ever wonder what events are going on this weekend or who’s playing where? How about finding that special place for a first date or maybe finding the right place to ask the big question? Are you into nature, but not sure where to look for information on hiking, kayaking or local parks? What about catching up with your friends and making it a night on the town or just finding a great place to hang out for beer and pizza. If you’ve asked yourself any of these questions, then the intoGo app is perfect for you.

We developed the intoGo app to help people find fun things to do fast and easy. To begin with, intoGo has two modes: Swiping through things to do or Selecting a Category

When you open the app, intoGo presents you with a random deck of things to do from events to businesses or places to go.  You then swipe on the screen to sort the recommendations. If you like it, swipe to the right.  If you don’t, swipe left.  If you swipe down, this indicates you love this listing enough to save it to your favorites.  If you aren’t sure, swipe up to skip or tap the screen to dive deeper and see more information.  It’s that easy to sort through places and events in Jacksonville.

However, swiping won’t tell you where to go for lunch or happy hour.  Nor will it tell you what to do this weekend or where to take your kids.  That’s why we have the “Let’s Go” tab at the bottom right.  Tap this button and you will be presented with a number of awesome categories that make finding the very thing you are looking for a breeze.  Under “Let’s Go” you’ll find everything from Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner to Happy Hour Local Events and Family fun, just to name a few.

One of the coolest features is being able to filter your results by the distance you’re willing to travel.  For example, if you get the itch to go for Sunday Brunch, you can select a 2-mile radius to get every listing in that category that’s close to home.  Or, you can broaden the distance to 30-miles to generate a list of every place serving Brunch in town.  Since the listings are generated via your phone’s GPS, this means you will get a different list when you are at home, as opposed to being at work.

If you’re a sports fanatic, tap the Jacksonville Sports category and intoGo will bring up a list of all your favorite local sports teams.  One more tap takes you to the team’s schedule where you can view information on upcoming games and buy tickets.  The Sports & Recreation category, on the other hand, provides you with a complete list of recreational activities such as tennis, basketball, baseball or soccer. You can filter these recreational activities to find basketball within 2-miles or any other sport within a specified distance.

To make sorting through the listings even easier, many of our categories have built-in sub categories.  So, if you tap on “A Night on the Town,” you can further refine your search by tapping a subcategory at the top such as “Bars, Night Clubs, Dance Clubs, Hookah Lounges, Wine Bars, Cigar Bars, Sports Bars, Pubs, Breweries, Dive Bars, Gastropubs” Select one and you’re now sorting your city by that category and selected distance.

Once you find something you like, it couldn’t be easier to find additional information about any business, place or event.  By tapping on a result, you will see tons of information, including photos, menu, hours of operations, and phone number, not to mention reviews and even Facebook posts. You can also add the listing to your favorites just by tapping on the “SAVE IT” button at the top of the page.

Also included in the intoGo app is a list of all the coolest events in town.  Whether you are looking for something to do this month or this week, two taps bring you the exact information you seek without a lot of effort.  Are you interested in listening to local bands?  Not only do we have every concert booked in Jacksonville under one category, but you can further refine your search by sorting via genre.  This means whether you are into rock or country, two taps are all it takes to get your fix.  One more tap lets you buy tickets to any event.  What could be easier?

The intoGo app also makes it easy to follow your favorite local venues. Looking for a few laughs? All it takes is two taps, the first on “Local Venues” and the second on “The Comedy Zone” to see which comedians are going to be featured there for the next few months.  Go further down the listings, and you will find “You Might Also Like” that reveals other locations in town where you can check out comedy acts, as well as where to go after the show is over.

The intoGo app is extremely easy to use.  You either swipe through fun things to do, which lets you discover cool places in your community, or you tap on Let’s Go to help you find fun fast.  The more you use the app, the better intoGo gets, since it quickly learns what you like and keeps this information right at your fingertips.

If you’re looking for things to do or places to go in Jacksonville, download intoGo today.

Want to Find Fun Faster!? Download intoGo on the App Store or Google Play and start discovering your community like never before. The app is free and offers tons of amazing information and features. What do you have to lose, download and try intoGo today!

Zachary Schwartz grew up in a heritage of print guide magazines to help people explore communities. While working to create a new magazine in 2013, he decided to take his families company online. This was no small feat and it began over four years ago. Since then he’s undergone four attempts trying to solve the same problem of helping people explore a community online. From website to website to app, Zachary built The City.Guide in Jacksonville, FL and won OneSpark in 2015 for Technology. He’s recruited what the Business Journal calls “The Best Tech Team in Jax”! His latest attempt, intoGo, is quickly gaining traction in the market with over 15,000 users in its’ first few months. Zachary is set on making it easier for people to find things to do and he’s making great progress towards that goal! 

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